Testimonial 1:

“Helen is a warm and friendly person with a gentle but focused approach in her Hypnotherapy sessions. Her technique creates and atmosphere which enables and encourages you to make empowering changes and focus on the positive in your healing”

(Name and address given, but withheld for professional reasons).


Testimonial 2:

Dear Helen

I am writing to thank you for the successful course of hypnosis therapy. When I decided to try your treatment for my difficulties with sleeping I was unsure what to expect.  Throughout my experience, everything that you explained was so kind and full of insight, with a lovely sense of humour that always allayed any anxieties I might have been having.

The tape recording that you supplied on my first visit was extremely helpful and then, as the treatment progressed, it became second nature to apply the  individual, practical; relaxation exercises that you taught me to enable me to get to sleep.

Please feel free to use any part of my letter on your website. I recommend your relaxation hypnotherapy without hesitation and will not hesitate to contact you should I feel it necessary to use your safe and stress-free hypnotherapy treatment in the future.

Best wishes

Sheila Hobbs RGN  (retired) FIRCH


Testimonial 3:


I cannot recommend Hypnotherapy highly enough. Prior to meeting Helen I felt my everyday life was overshadowed by stress and anxiety, including feelings of low self esteem and constant worry. Through her sessions, Helen has given me the skills I need to think posivetely and logically in every situation,reducing stress and anxiety. Each session was constructive yet informal and gave me an opportunity to reflect upon my everyday thought processes. Helen was so friendly, allowing me to open up to her about how I was feeling and also allowing myself to relax in her company, which is essential. Hersupport and encouragement alongside hypnotherapy has enabled me to regain my confidence and be the person I want to be.

(Name and address given, but withheld for professional reasons).